18 September 2021

20:00(KST) 11:00AM(GMT)

Zoom Meeting(Online)

Advancing the DPCW’s Peace Agenda in a New Normal:
Concerted Action for Sustainable Peace

Advancing the DPCW’s Peace Agenda in a New Normal:
Concerted Action for Sustainable Peace

The 7th Anniversary of the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit will be held online on 18 September 2021. Leaders from all sectors, including politics, religion, youth, education, media, civic society, gathered from around the world in Seoul, South Korea, on 18 September 2014 and promised to collaborate with HWPL to achieve sustainable peace. Since then, HWPL is hosting the HWPL World Peace Summit every 18 September to discuss ideas to achieve peace, a common goal of the global society, share the outcome of different initiatives, and present new plans. We recognize the fluid environment, where humankind faces challenges brought by a disease that threatens our coexistence and harmony as the new normal. This year’s event will present the progress made and plans for the future in efforts to advance the peace agenda amid such changing international settings.


Amid the new set of global challenges such as healthcare, violent conflicts, and natural disasters, Concerted Action for Sustainable Peace will be presented at the event and will echo the pledge for peace made by the global community and HWPL in 2014 – an illustration of present and future collaborative efforts of peace messengers to pass on the legacy of peace to generations to come. This event is hosted by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), with the support of the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) and the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG), two organizations that are creating a global peace network with HWPL.


1. Background

During the past century, the two world wars instilled humankind with the yearning for a world of peace, free of aggression. But even after the United Nations was formed, the Korean War and other conflicts of various scales infested the global citizens and nations. As conflicts around the globe diversified in their causes and entities, their frequency and scale also rose. The cause of conflicts expanded from security-related aspects such as military and politics to non-security-related ones such as religion, ethnicity, culture, environment, and resources. Entities of conflicts are no longer bound to state actors but now include non-state actors. The expansion of cause and entity of conflicts highlights the need for peace for a broader spectrum and actors.


In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic had an overrunning impact in all corners of the globe. The spread of the disease inevitably changed the course of future progress, which had been based on past achievements. The pandemic also exacerbated other non-disease-related issues, namely economic downturns, political divide, misinformation and disinformation that worsened the confusion, misconceptions and discrimination against minorities, and the lack of access to education and welfare. These call for a fundamental change in the way humankind strives.


2. The Event

HWPL presented the peace principles as a solution to the current global challenge of conflicts in the ten articles and 38 clauses of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW). The premise of the Declaration is that citizens are the main actors of peacebuilding, and it proposes the global community establish peace by laying legal foundations at the international level in order to reach governance of fairness instead of a world governed by power, manifested as violence, coercion, and the fist. Through Article 1 and Article 7, the DPCW deals with the principles of peace that nations must uphold, which are discussed and clarified through the UN and other IGOs. Articles 8 Freedom of religion; Article 9 Religion, ethnic identity and peace; and Article 10 Spreading a culture of peace sets out to propose principles in dealing with the rising peace challenges. Notably, the articles identify peace actors as not only nation-states but also international organizations and all citizens, making clear that every member of the global society counts in peacebuilding efforts.


In connection, HWPL organizes Legislated Peace (LP), voluntary peace activities carried out by citizens and leaders alike in 193 countries worldwide. This year was marked by changing environments brought by the pandemic, and peace efforts that were unhindered by a new set of limitations will be shared at the event. Some peace activities surprisingly garnered even greater support and progress compared to pre-pandemic records.


The content of the DPCW has made textbook material for future lawyers. The WARP Office’s Comparison of Religious Scriptures sessions moved online and stimulated lively conversations on the true meaning of religion and discovering the meaning of peace in faiths. Participants of the HWPL Religious Youth Peace Camps are invited to see past the misconceptions spinning intolerance and hostility and take part in conversations toward understanding and coexistence. Places remembered as warzones, where countless lives were lost, are now transforming into parks with peace monuments serving communities as a place to celebrate peace. Prayer meetings led by religious leaders reach across multiple religions and continue spreading the message of blessings, wishing for the well-being, healthy lives, and harmony for all people regardless of their religious backgrounds. Peace Education is carried out across places where children are handed guns before pens, learn to kill, where communities are scourged by misdemeanor, violence, and drug abuse. It builds up future youth leaders who will spread the message of peace. Journalists take
action to prevent the generation of misinformation in a pandemic. They pass on information that promotes democracy, and they work hard to educate communities to discern information. Such actions of people from all walks of life are what make concerted efforts for peace, and it will serve as a blueprint that helps build sustainable peace in a pandemic-hit new normal.


September 17

20:00 HWPL Intercontinental Online WARP Office Meeting

September 18

20:00 Opening
Congratulatory Messages
HWPL Progress Report
Concerted Action for Sustainable Peace: Cases of the “Legislate Peace” Project
Concerted Action for Sustainable Peace: Cases of Alliance of Religion
Concerted Action for Sustainable Peace: Cases of Citizens of Peace
Commemorative Video for the 7th Anniversary
Commemorative Speech by IPYG General Director
Commemorative Speech by IWPG Chairwoman
Message of Peace (Commemorative Speech by HWPL Chairman)
Special Performance

September 19

14:00 2021 International Women’s Peace Conference

Congratulatory Messages

Dr. Rosalia Arteaga Serrano

Dr. Rosalia Arteaga Serrano

Former President of the Republic of Ecuador

H.E. Lucio Edwin Gutiérrez Borbúa

H.E. Lucio Edwin Gutiérrez Borbúa

Former President of the Republic of Ecuador

Actual Cases

Mr. Arifur Rahman

Department of Law, University of Dhaka / Student


Dr. Mizanur Rahman

ELCOP / President


Mr. Sathit Kumarn

Ramakrishna Vedanta Association of Thailand / President


Sister Belinda Westcott

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University / Coordinator

South Africa

Sriman Indubhusan das

Sri Sri Ladha Govinda Temple / Brahmachari



The Founder of the Paradise Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, Eungok Seonwon / The Buddhist master

Republic of Korea

Bharat Sharma

South African Hindu Maha Sabha (SAHMS) / Youth Member

South Africa

Jako Gerber

NG Church, Welgemoed / Member

South Africa

M. Florent Pasquier

Sorbonne University / Professor


Gauri Pramod Kamerkar

Jagadguru Narendracharyaji Maharaj Educational Institute (JNMEI) / Student


John Benedict Bonifacio

Dingras National High School, Poblacion Campus / Student


Octavia Alfred

Ministry of Education / Minister

Dominican Republic

Mr. Supalak Ganjanakhundee

The Nation Newspaper / Former Editor


Mr. Ratu Inoke Drauna

ARUKA Fiji / Director


Mr. Adolfo Paulo Hornay

Youth For Peace / Director


Mohammad Safi Ul Alam

Youth Foundation of Bangladesh(YFB) / Founder&CEO



IPYG France / Coordinator


Ms. Larzy Varghees

St. Mathew’s High School & Junior College / Principal


Ms. Khin Mu Mu Han

Young Women’s Christian Association / General Secretary


Ms. Avon Camille Cato Llanes

HWPL / Peace Educator


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